Majority Leader Eric Cantor to Step Down

20140611-135250-49970936.jpgFollowing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s loss to David Brat in the Republican primary yesterday, much of the speculation has shifted to who will replace Cantor as Leader. The murmurings are especially strong because Cantor was expected to become Speaker when Speaker Boehner eventually retired. The Majority Leader is second-in-command in the House. Now, reports and sources indicate Cantor will step down as Majority Leader on July 31. This means that Cantor will be replaced this session and the new Congress will come in with established leadership. This decision also has an effect on fundraising. With Cantor’s loss, his fundraising capability could diminish. This is similar to the lame duck effect. On the other hand, Republicans can maximize their potential with a full leadership bench that will be staying around come January 3.

Several Republicans are reportedly looking at running for Cantor’s role. However, Politico has reported that Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and House Rules Committee Chair Pete Sessions are both looking at a run. Politico has reported that Sessions has been texting and calling colleagues in support of a run.

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