Tom Perez Passes Cloture


As part of a bipartisan deal to prevent the nuclear option on filibusters, Republicans agreed to let a vote on several of the President’s nominees.

One of those nominees was Thomas Perez, a Justice Department Assistant Attorney General who was nominated to be the next Secretary of Labor. However, the deal was almost broken when Perez just barely passed the crucial test of cloture.

Cloture, in this hyper-partisan world of filibuster, is increasingly becoming the true test of success in the nation’s upper chamber. If a measure passes cloture, it is virtually assured of final passage. The cloture vote succeeded 60-40. Sixty votes are needed to break a filibuster.

All Democrats voted for the invocation, while Republican Sens. Alexander, Collins, Corker, Kirk, McCain, and Murkowski joined the Democrats. Senator McCain’s usual allies, Sens. Lindsay Graham and Kelly Ayotte, did not join Sen. McCain.

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