A Taste of What Could Come? Rivera Challenges Booker


Geraldo Rivera has been publicly pondering a 2014 Senate run in New Jersey as a Republican. If he were to run, he would most likely face Newark mayor Cory Booker in the general election. Twitter has often been considered a big platform for Mayor Booker. He received national attention for social network acts. He has used to Twitter to spread messages to citizens, help with weather response, and help a man with his proposal. But, Rivera is now attacking Booker for Twitter on Twitter. Rivera recently sent out a tweet saying, “Reading endless cascade of tweets from Newark’s Mayor Booker one wonders whether any deed however humble goes unremarked?” Cory Booker has not responded to the tweet. It is also important to note that current Sen. Frank Lautenburg has decided to retire, clearing the field for Booker.

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