Democratic Campaigns Keep Emailing for Landrieu

election centerElection Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean the campaign emails are. With the Louisiana run-off approaching in May and Democrats eager for a win that can halt some of the GOP’s momentum, Democratic campaigns are staying awake to help Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA). Even though the DSCC has pulled all of their advertising from the state, Landrieu’s colleagues still have her back. In addition, Guy Cecil of the DSCC emailed supporters the day after Election Day and said that they would be working to re-elect Landrieu. Several Senators, including Sherrod Brown and Joe Manchin, sent emails to their supporters specifically about Landrieu and asking for donations. Neither Brown nor Manchin were up for re-election on Tuesday. Sen. Cory Booker included a fundraising plea in his thank you message to supporters.

Not all emails came from Democratic Senators though. The Ready for Hillary PAC had James Carville, a former Clinton operative and CNN commentator and now currently a Fox News commentator, send out an email asking for donations to Landrieu’s campaign.

Almost all the emails acknowledged the tough night that Democrats faced on Tuesday and said that that made a Landrieu win all the more important.

Landrieu has had to go through a run-off in all four of Senate runs. In 1996, she placed second on Election Day, but was able to win her run-off. Ever since then, Landrieu has won all of her Election Day contests since then. In December, she will go against Rep. Bill Cassidy who was the second highest vote getter on Tuesday. Louisiana utilizes what is known as a jungle primary for Election Day, so it is more akin to a primary. If no candidate reaches 50% on Election Night, the top two move to a run-off.

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