Iran’s Ayatollah Seemingly Calls for Elimination of Israel

On the Grand Ayatollah’s Twitter account, a tweet was sent out asking how and why they argue Israel should be eliminated. The proceeding nine answers are then full of anti-Israel viewpoints. However, they are not the most radical anti-Israel sentiment, as it argues that the Jewish race can live on even as Israel does not.

Israel is protesting the tweet while the world community negotiates with Iran on its nuclear program. The United States Department of State spokeswoman said that the tweet proves that Iran should not be allowed to get nuclear weapons, therefore talks should resume. However, Israel, which has long opposed the nuclear talks, has said that the tweet proves the extremism of Iran. Israel then called for continued international sanctions and pressure on Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the nuclear talks, especially if rushed, could lead to Iran getting its hand on a bomb. Netanyahu also argued that this tweet was further proof that Iranians should not be trusted with nuclear capabilities.

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