Ron Paul Sues Fans to Get RonPaul.Com


A screenshot from RonPaul.Com, showing a poll that asks what Ron Paul should do.

Ron Paul has sued the owners of the, a fansite dedicated to him. Their argument has gone so far, the former presidential candidate has turned to the United Nations agency, WIPO. The website has tried to reach a deal with the former congressman. First, they offered him for free. Later, they decided to offer the domain and the mail list of 170,000 addresses for $250,000. However, Paul has not taken them up on the deal. The website owners have run the site for almost five years, and own several other Ron Paul related domains, including the 2012 campaign website. The owners say they bought the domains in order to prevent “enemies” from getting the domain. Enemies of a politician getting former websites or their has happened. The Emergency Committee for Israel bought to oppose his nomination as Secretary of Defense. The most interesting part about this dilemma between the two groups is that Paul went to the UN in order to get the domain. Paul has said that the American involvement with the UN is unconstitutional.

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