Explosions Hit Belgian Metro and Airport

reports of the worldDays after a suspect in the France terrorist attack was arrested, terrorists blew up parts of the Brussels airport and the metro. The attack also came a day after Belgium announced that it was searching for another suspect in the French attacks, potentially the bomb maker.

There were two explosions in the airport, including one that struck near the American Airlines desk in the departures hall. Belgian news organizations have reported gunshots and yelling in Arabic prior to the attack. The King’s prosecutor told reporters that the airport bomber was a suicide bomber. The death toll has hit at least thirty and over two hundred and thirty people have been injured.

Two of the assailants were killed in the attacks, while one is alive and on the run.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, but investigators have not determined whether the terrorist group was behind it.

One of the most critical tips in the still early investigation came from the taxi driver who picked the three men up to take them to the airport. After seeing surveillance images of the men, the taxi driver contacted authorities and gave them the address where he had picked them up.

That tip allowed authorities to go find the trio’s apartment and search it for evidence. In the apartment, investigators found a nail bomb, chemical products, and an ISIS flag.

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