Fidel Castro Speaks out on US-Cuban Relations Thaw

(null)Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has written an open letter to a student newspaper and the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party speaking about the thaw in US-Cuban relations. Castro said a crucial moment was at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, “The personal greeting of the Presidents of Cuba and the United States occurred at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, a distinguished and exemplary fighter against Apartheid, who was friendly with Obama.” He then spoke about the change in relations, saying, “I do not trust the US policy nor have I exchanged a word with them, without this meaning, much less a rejection of a peaceful solution of conflicts and dangers of war.” Castro then went on to say that it is the duty of all people to promote peace and that the current President, his brother Raul, has acted within his rights.

TKNN has reached out to the State Department for comment and we will update when we hear back.

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