Name Change for @ThisHour on CNN

Courtesy CNN

Courtesy CNN

Kate Bolduan returned to CNN today following a prolonged maternity leave that saw her removed as co-anchor of CNN’s morning show, New Day, and named a co-anchor of the 11 A.M. ET hour. In The Wrap’s report that confirmed the anchor switch, the article said that Kate Bolduan would be joining @ThisHour as co-host with John Berman. However, it appears like @ThisHour may be getting a new name.

This morning was Kate’s first and the show aired from CNN’s Studio 71, where New Day broadcasts from. The set was rebuilt for New Day and features a loft-like look. Erin Burnett OutFront and Quest Means Business also air from the studio. However, @ThisHour previously broadcasted from the CNN Communications Center. In addition, this morning’s hour was not even branded as @ThisHour, instead it used the CNN Newsroom branding. All last week the hour had the CNN Newsroom branding as John Berman solo anchored.

Now on Twitter, John Berman has been floating different names for the show. He has proposed NewsBalls, which could be a reference to New England Patriots’ Deflategate scandal.

Berman said on Friday that it would be his last day anchoring a “nameless newscast.”

Then, Berman tweeted that today would be day that “the new 11 am show” premiered.

Finally, this tweet by Berman seemed to confirm a name change.

This tweet, albeit joking, also appears to be a confirmation of a name change.

Bolduan, for her part, has rejected the NewsBalls name.

Interestingly, it appears like CNN has gone to air without a name for its broadcast, but will eventually come up with one.

TKNN has reached out to a CNN spokeswoman for comment on this story, but has not heard back. We will update if we hear back from her.

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