Sean Spicer to Appear on HLN’s Unfiltered

Courtesy HLN

Courtesy HLN

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and HLN host S.E. Cupp announced on Twitter that Spicer will join Cupp on her show, Unfiltered, on January 4th. Spicer will be on for the entire hour with a one-on-one interview first and then he will join the panel for the remainder of the show.

HLN has also released a promo for the episode showing Spicer talking, but Spicer’s interview has not already been recorded. Instead, a HLN spokesperson told TKNN that the video was recorded for the purposes of the promo.

Sean Spicer has made several appearances on Fox News since he left the White House. Spicer attempted to get a television news gig following his departure, but all of the major television networks passed on him. When Spicer left the White House, CNN quickly stated that they had no desire to hire him.

Spicer has made some attempts to rehabilitate his image. He appeared during the Emmys in a skit that poked fun at his infamous lie regarding the size of the inauguration crowd. However, Spicer rejected an offer to appear on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Spicer and Cupp went back and forth on Twitter with some playful banter. He initially tweeted, “Hey there should be a show for smart, lively, civil conversation on the news of the week.” Cupp responded, “Great idea. Let’s do one. How’s Jan 4th?” Spicer agreed, “Perfect. I’m in. See you then.”

Cupp also alluded to the panel format of her showing saying, “Have some questions for you, obvi, . But also going to make you do some heavy lifting and play my role a little. We got great guests lined up, and I know you have some questions for them.” However, Spicer said he “gave up questions for .” Cupp did not agree to his request, tweeting, “That’s inconvenient. You’ll answer some and ask some. I know you’re ready.” Finally, Spicer admitted defeat, “I knew I couldn’t keep that resolution long.”

Spicer also tweeted out the promo and asked HLN morning host Robin Meade whether she would be watching. Meade did not respond.

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