Fox News Announces Midterm Election Night Coverage Plans

Led by chief political anchor Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, Fox News’s America’s Election HQ: 2018 Midterms will begin coverage at 6 PM ET.

Bill Hemmer will provide analysis from his Bill-board and Harris Faulkner will keep tabs on key races throughout the night. Shannon Bream will monitor voter data and polling throughout the night.

The outlet will also provide reactions from people at the Fox Square outside the channel’s headquarters in New York. Commentary and analysis throughout the night will be provided by Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, Dana Perino, Guy Benson, Marie Harf, Steve Hilton, and Mollie Hemingway (for those counting at home that is three conservative commentators, a President Trump-supporting populist, and one liberal). Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham will also provide commentary throughout the night.

In D.C., John Roberts and Kevin Corke will report on reaction from the White House while Chad Pergram and Mike Emanuel will report on the congressional breakdown. Catherine Herridge will contribute reporting from the Department of Homeland Security on election security.

Reporting from across the country are Peter Doocy (Florida), Phil Keating (Florida), Griff Jenkins (Florida), Kristin Fisher (Missouri), Mike Tobin (Indiana), Steve Harrigan (Tennessee), Alicia Acuna (Arizona), Casey Stegall (Texas), Dan Springer (Nevada), Ellison Barber (Montana), Brian Llenas (Colorado), Jonathan Serrie (Georgia), Matt Finn (Wisconsin), Molly Line (Kansas), Douglas Kennedy (New York), Jonathan Hunt (California), Jacqui Heinrich (Maine), David Lee Miller (New Jersey), and Garrett Tenney (Washington, D.C.).

Fox will also have expanded coverage surrounding the election. There will be a live edition of The Five on the Sunday beforehand and Baier and MacCallum will anchor an election special at 8 PM that day.

Ed Henry and Julie Banderas will pick up coverage at 1 AM following the election.

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