CNN Announces Televised Political Events

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With a month until Election Day, CNN has announced that they will host three events related to high profile races. CNN will host two debates in Florida and a town hall in Texas.

On October 16, Wolf Blitzer will moderate the final debate for the Senate seat in Florida between Governor Rick Scott (R) and Senator Bill Nelson (D). The hourlong debate will air at 10 PM ET.

On October 18, Dana Bash will host a town hall live from the US-Mexico border. Representative Beto O’Rourke (D), who is challenging Senator Ted Cruz (R) in Texas for the Senate seat, will answer questions for the hour. Cruz declined CNN’s invitation.

Finally on October 21, Jake Tapper will moderate a debate between Representative Ron DeSantis (R) and Mayor Andrew Gillum (D), the two major candidates for the Florida gubernatorial election.

Televised debates have become an increasingly popular avenue for cable news networks to help feed the political demand while also having an exclusive political event that their personalities are involved with. CNN is in a unique position because of its perception, by and large, as the cable news network that plays it down the middle the most.

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