CNN’s Cuomo to “Get After It” on SiriusXM

Photo: Maro Hagopian, Image Courtesy of SiriusXM

SiriusXM has announced that CNN’s Chris Cuomo will host a new daytime radio program on the satellite radio network starting Monday, September 24. Let’s Get After It will air on POTUS (channel 124), SiriusXM’s nonpartisan political talk channel from 12 PM-2 PM every weekday.

Cuomo’s CNN colleague, Michael Smerconish, is also a host on POTUS.

Cuomo has adopted “Let’s Get After It” as an integral part of his brand. He frequently uses the hashtag on social media (including in his Twitter bio), the phrase shows up on Cuomo Primetime graphics, and he kicks off Cuomo Primetime with the phrase. In a promotional video for Let’s Get After It, Cuomo expanded on the phrase as a life motto, saying, “‘let’s get after it’ is a way of life, cutting through what you don’t need, what gets in the way.”

Cuomo also says that his job for the radio program is to be an advocate for truth. SiriusXM says that the show will feature interviews with individuals in the news as well as taking calls from listeners. Let’s Get After It will also feature Cuomo talking about his other interests in life, such as fishing and exercise.

“Chris is a remarkable journalist, with a history of tough interviews that have everyone talking the next day,” said Megan Liberman, SiriusXM’s senior vice president of news, talk, and entertainment. “On his new SiriusXM show, Chris will continue that tradition of fostering important, engaging conversations, while also giving listeners the bigger picture about what’s going on in Washington and beyond.”

Cuomo said in a statement, “The opportunity to deal with listeners directly about the biggest news stories and to share different sides of my personality and outside interests for two hours a day on SiriusXM ā€“ and then have Cuomo Prime Time ready to go at 9:00 p.m. EST? ā€“ wow! Dream come true! #LetsGetAfterIt.”

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