Chris Cuomo Returns to Primetime on CNN

Image via @IceManNYR on Twitter

Image via @IceManNYR on Twitter

For President Donald Trump and CNN, one year is the Chris Cuomo anniversary. CNN has begun running advertisements for another round of Cuomo Primetime, the primetime series Cuomo hosted for one week in August. Cuomo Primetime will air for several weeks in January at 9 PM to mark President Trump’s one year anniversary. When Cuomo Primetime first aired, some wondered whether Cuomo Primetime, complete with separate branding and graphics unusual for a mere guest hosting, was a test for the morning news anchor in primetime.

Cuomo said on Twitter that the new program is tied to a “new year accountability effort” and that “effort” will also be reflected on New Day as well. Cuomo also revealed on Twitter that “it is really not that big a deal. you will see cnn’ers popping up in the new year doing different things from time to time i [sic] suspect.”

Under CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker, CNN ditched regularly scheduled programming in the 9 PM hour and instead made it the home for taped Original Series. However, the constant stream of news coming from Washington has caused the network to regularly extend Anderson Cooper 360 to a second hour. Cuomo’s second test run shows that CNN may be looking at a more permanent solution for 9 PM rather than two hours of Cooper (although Don Lemon regularly hosts two hours from 10 PM until midnight each night).

Cuomo will continue to co-host New Day during Cuomo Primetime’s second run, meaning that Cuomo will be one of the first and the last CNN personalities of the day with his four hours each day.

CNN has had Cuomo fill in for Lemon on CNN Tonight recently, giving him more experience with a primetime format.

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