CNN Announces Free Press-Focused Opinion Series


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CNN Opinion announced a new series revolving around the importance of a free press, “Free Press: What’s at Stake.” The series will have op-ed pieces from a variety of columnists and focus on challenges facing the media, including false information (or fake news) and new technology.

24 pieces will be published over a three week span as part of this series. The first post was published Sunday and was written by Brian Stelter, CNN’s senior media correspondent and host of Reliable Sources. Other contributors include Christiane Amanpour, Emily Bell, Jonathon Morgan, Representative Adam Schiff, David Gergen, SE Cupp, Errol Louis, Frank Sesno, Craig Newmark, Suzanne Nossel, Julian Zelizer, and Diane and John Foley (the parents of journalist James Foley who was killed by ISIS in 2014).

Pieces already published have looked at how dictators have crushed the free press in order to consolidate power and how Facebook and Twitter need to take a more active role in preventing information attacks and monitoring content on their respective platforms.

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