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fourth estate newVerizon Fios announced today that it is dropping the financial news channel Bloomberg from its lineup, effective Wednesday. In a note to customers, Verizon said that Bloomberg wanted to be paid for its channel, known in the industry as a carriage fee, and Verizon objected to that. Bloomberg provides its live feed on its website and app for free. Select shows are also broadcast live on Twitter.

Verizon did alert the customers in the note of the ways to watch Bloomberg should they choose to going forward. However, this means that subscribers will need an additional device or service if they wish to watch Bloomberg on their standard television.

While Fios has dropped Bloomberg, fans of the channel can find it on other providers. Comcast’s Xfinity service, Directv, and Dish Network all still carry the financial news channel.

On Fios, Fox Business Network and CNBC remain as alternatives.

Verizon said in a statement, “Our goal as always is to provide our customers the best possible TV experience while keeping prices as low as possible. Effective December 8, 2017, Bloomberg TV on channels 604/104 have been removed from the Fios TV channel lineup. Bloomberg’s content is now available to all consumers for free on their website and mobile app, which can be downloaded by visiting”

“Customers interested in this type of programming are encouraged to view our other news channels that are available on Fios TV or download the free Bloomberg app to view their content.”

Bloomberg did not respond to a request for comment.

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One thought on “Verizon Fios Drops Bloomberg

  • R Brewster

    That’ like refusing to pay a premium for taxi service because bicycling is free. The ‘free’ Bloomberg stream is not in HD and does not include the news stream on the side of the screen or the data stream on the bottom.