CNN Premieres The Reagan Show this Labor Day

fourth estate newOn Labor Day, CNN will premiere the newest film under its CNN Films banner, The Reagan Show. The Reagan Show is made up of archival footage from the Reagan Administration and focuses primarily on Reagan’s second terms, especially his interactions with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

“Substantively and stylistically, Ronald Reagan was perhaps the most skilled communicator-in-chief of our modern era.  Pacho and Sierra have made an impressive and extensively-researched film that demonstrates how essential media communication skills are to a president’s success and legacy,” said CNN executive vice president Amy Entelis.

“We went through nearly 1,000 hours of footage, and think that this all-archival approach allows for an exciting insight into the tools of performance that Reagan employed,” said filmmakers Pacho Velez and Sierra Pettengill in a statement.

The material in the film largely comes from government footage, however it also includes news reports from the time.

Advertisements for the program have shown Reagan practicing for an endorsement video for John Sununu who he confesses to have never met. Another clip shows Reagan saying “Make America great again,” a catchphrase that Donald Trump would use thirty years later on his road to the White House.

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