CNN Announces New Daytime Schedule

Following the departure of Carol Costello to the West Coast and HLN, CNN has announced their new daytime schedule. John Berman and Poppy Harlow will fill Costello’s timeslot of 9-11 AM.

Berman will leave Early Start, CNN’s early morning program, and @ThisHour. Kate Bolduan, who co-anchors @ThisHour, will now be the sole anchor of the show. Harlow has been anchoring  CNN’s weekend evening programming.

Replacing John Berman on Early Start will be Dave Briggs, a former Weekend Fox & Friends co-anchor and co-host for the NBC Sports Network. Christine Romans will continue to co-anchor Early Start.

Briggs is joining a network that prides itself on being an objective source of news, but he has expressed some views of Twitter. He tweeted this morning that Connecticut governor Dan “Malloy is a clown, he won’t stop until all big biz leaves CT and the state collapses.”

He even admitted in a tweet, “@valpotim I too lean right but not at the expense of doing right.”

A CNN spokesperson did not immediately respond to questions about Briggs’s tweets.

The other news out of the press release is more subtle as it confirms that Inside Politics with John King is now permanent at the noon hour. Inside Politics took the timeslot when Ashleigh Banfield left for HLN and was originally supposed to go until Election Day. It has continued on even though there were reports it would go to Brianna Keilar.

The changes take effect on February 6, except for Briggs who starts February 23.

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