Carol Costello Jumps from CNN to HLN

fourth estate newCarol Costello, the host of CNN Newsroom, announced on Monday that her last day at CNN will be Friday as she is moving to the West Coast. However, she will remain within the CNN family as she will join HLN as an anchor from their Los Angeles bureau. This is similar to what Michaela Pereira did when she left CNN’s New Day to go west.

“Before I thank you for joining me this morning, I would like to share a big life change with you,” Costello said near the close of her show.

“Friday will be my last day at CNN. I’m not leaving the family though, I’ll be heading to Los Angeles to anchor a new show on HLN. This is a personal decision and it was extraordinarily difficult; it was like cutting off my left arm.”

Costello’s husband recently took a job on the West Coast. “I have lived apart from my husband for many years, but he was always close by because he also lived on the East Coast. But last year my husband snagged a fantastic job in Los Angeles, and I kind of miss him.”

CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker said in a statement, “After many years balancing a long-distance marriage with her demanding career, she is cashing in her miles and permanently relocating to the West Coast.”

“It’s with infinite gratitude that I thank Carol for being a friend to me, and an influential voice that has helped grow CNN and contribute to our success.”

Costello has been with CNN for fifteen years and spent several years as an anchor, typically in the morning. She hosted CNN Daybreak and then American Morning before getting a permanent hosting slot with CNN Newsroom. Costello had been based in Atlanta, but she and Brooke Baldwin were moved up to New York in 2014.

HLN has been adding live news hours with the addition of MichaeLA and On the Story with Erica Hill. Where Costello will fit into the line-up remains to be seen. Zucker said in a note to staff that HLN head Ken Jautz will have more information soon on her show.

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