Roger Stone Banned from CNN

fourth estate newCNN has announced that Roger Stone, a former advisor to Donald Trump, will no longer be allowed on the network. Stone has published several tweets criticizing CNN commentator Ana Navarro. “He will no longer appear as a guest on CNN,” a CNN spokesperson told Politico, who first broke the story.

Ana Navarro has appeared on CNN for many years as a Republican commentator and has served as a pro-Bush commentator this cycle.

Stone criticized Navarro as “Borderline retarded,” an “Entitled Diva B***h,” “a rabid Pekinese,” “pompous s***head” and said that she is not qualified to opine on Republican politics. Stone also claimed that all of Navarro’s roles on presidential campaigns were merely honorary.

Roger Stone criticized Navarro and former CNN contributor Roland Martin as “quota hires.” Media Matters collected the tweets and called on CNN to ban Stone. In a statement, Media Matters President Bradley Beychok said,”We applaud CNN for taking a stand against Roger Stone.”

Donald Trump himself has come out against Ana Navarro. He retweeted a petition that called on CNN to fire her.

Stone has appeared on CNN numerous times to discuss the Trump campaign and the 2016 election. He was most recently on Sunday’s Reliable Sources and frequently appeared on Smerconish.

Stone was with the Trump campaign until he resigned, although the Trump campaign claims he was fired, due to a disagreement over how to handle a spat with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly.

Stone told Politico that the decision “smacks of Soviet style censorship.” He also said, “I am politically incorrect but it appears CNN is bowing to pressure from the Clinton apparatus – not very appropriate for an supposedly unbiased news network.”

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