CNN’s 11 AM Hour Goes Back to @ThisHour Branding

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.37.25 PMCNN’s 11 A.M. hour with John Berman and Kate Bolduan has resumed using the At This Hour branding. However, the name is now At This Hour, instead of @ThisHour. The show also got new branding. The new sequences feature squares, similar to the original look for New Day. In addition, there is now a use of warm blues and yellows in the background as a sun shines through the title. This is contrast to the original logo for @ThisHour which was gold letters on a blue background. The show also used a blue background and white letters logo under Berman and Bolduan.

The name has also been changed to At This Hour with Berman and Bolduan. Previously, the anchors were listed as Berman and Kate. When the show first started with Berman and Michaela Periera, it was @ThisHour with Berman and Michaela.

When Kate Bolduan started co-anchoring the show following her return from maternity leave, the hour used the CNN Newsroom branding. At the time, it was believed that there may be a name change. On Twitter, Berman jokingly floated the name of NewsBalls which Bolduan was quick to shoot down. Throughout the CNN Newsroom branding period, the @ThisHour Twitter account continued to be active. Ironically though, it has not tweeted much from today’s show. The Twitter account is still also using the old blue logo.

View more of the update branding:
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.38.42 PM

From the title sequence:Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.38.08 PM

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