CNN’s Zucker Congratulates Staff

A new study from the Pew Research Center found that CNN is the most trusted source for news. Only three outfits had a percentage of trust over 50%, CNN, ABC News, and NBC News. Both ABC and NBC had 50% while CNN had 54%.

As a result of CNN regaining the title, Most Trusted Name in News, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker sent out a memo congratulating the staff. Betsy Rothstein of the Daily Caller obtained the memo. He also touched on other areas of success, such as CNN Digital’s continued dominance.

I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news that highlights the momentum of CNN around the globe.

• A new Pew Research Survey, out this week, finds that CNN is the most recognized and, more importantly, most trusted source of news by political news consumers. CNN is cited by Americans as the most trustworthy source for news about government and politics, ahead of every broadcast news division, every cable news channel, every newspaper and magazine, every website and the daily comedy shows that cover politics. In this era of tremendous partisan divide, to be considered the most trusted source of news is a major accomplishment.

• As of today, we now have 20 million followers on @CNNbrk on Twitter. This is rare territory. No other news organization comes close. The only other brands of any type with more followers are YouTube and Twitter itself. The other 25 accounts with more than 20 million followers are all individual celebrities. And, by the way, @CNN is not far behind. The nearly 15 million followers of @CNN make it the second-most followed news account on Twitter.

• The results for CNN digital for the month of September are being released today, and they show extraordinary growth. For the first time ever, CNN is #1 among all websites in domestic desktop video starts, ahead of Yahoo and Huffington Post. And, with nearly 1 billion page views, overcame Yahoo News in September to become the most consumed news and information website in the US. In fact, was ahead of its closest competitor by 16 percent. And CNN maintained its number one spot in mobile news, a position we have held for more than seven years running. Bottom line … is #1 in video, traffic and mobile!

• September also saw another all-time high for CNNMoney video on desktop and mobile and an all-time record for CNNMoney on mobile web page views, uniques and video. We only took full control of CNNMoney in June, and the growth and success in just four months has been astounding.

• And, finally, a global, independent study, out last week, named CNN the undisputed #1 international news brand. The latest IPSOS Affluent Global Survey reaffirmed CNN as the leading international news brand, reaching an unrivaled four out of 10 upscale consumers and decision makers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. That scale of an affluent international audience is larger than all news competitors in every metric across both TV and digital platforms. At a time of incredible international news, and more choice than ever, this is a testament to the unparalleled global resources and brand of CNN Worldwide.

As we know, CNN is judged in many ways. The results above highlight just some of the ways we are measuring our progress.

Journalistically, we have continued to excel in recent weeks, with our global coverage of the ongoing ebola crisis as well as the continuing conflict in Iraq and Syria. In the United States, CNN has launched two more hit original series, Somebody’s Gotta Do It and This Life with Lisa Ling, to join the successful programs from Anthony Bourdain, John Walsh and Morgan Spurlock.

As we head into the final months of the year, I wanted to thank each of you for your outstanding work.


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