CNN Adds More Tape on Saturday Nights

CNN has made a revision to its Saturday night line-up and live news coverage is losing an hour. Michael Smerconish’s self-titled show, which currently airs at Saturday mornings, is getting a repeat at 6 P.M. This means on Saturday nights, live programming will end at 6 P.M. and resume Sunday morning at 6 A.M. Don Lemon, or whoever is filling-in for him as is common in the past few weeks, now only has one-and-a-half hours. This week after the Smerconish repeat, The Sixties will air a rerun and then there will be Parts Unknown until Forensic Files begins its nightly run. The move is not completely unexpected as CNN as attempted to expand Smerconish’s show in the past few weeks. Before it was announced that the 9 P.M. slot would feature original taped programming, CNN gave Smerconish a test run in the primetime slot. Later, CNN Tonight took off a week and CNN let Smerconish have another go in the timeslot.

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