TKNN Beats CNN, Politico, and Other Competitors to Gillespie Story


     TKNN Chief Political Reporter Tyler published his story announcing Ed Gillespie’s Senate run first, beating established competitors, such as CNN and Politico. TKNN’s story was published at 11:56 A.M. and a tweet was sent out from TKNN’s main account (@TKNNPolitics) at that time. This is a turnaround time of nine minutes, since the candidacy was announced on Gillespie’s Twitter page at 11:47. A tweet from Politico’s main account (@Politico) was sent out at 12:13 P.M., while the story was published at 12:11 P.M. None of CNN’s top accounts (@CNN, @CNNBRK, or @CNNPolitics) tweeted about the story while there was a story posted at 1:15 on the Political Ticker.

     “This revelation shows TKNN’s unparalleled strength by combining traditional newsgathering with 21st Century tools. I am immensely proud of the great work being done by TKNN’s reporters and would not be surprised for this to occur again. This also shows that TKNN can compete with the bigger names in the business and win from time to time. As other networks are cutting back on their news operations, TKNN has doubled-down on our operations and remained committed to political news coverage,” added TKNN President Tyler Kusma.



Tweet: 12:13 P.M. (17 minutes after)

Story: 12:11 P.M. (15 minutes after)


Tweet: N/A

Story: 1:15 (1 hour, 19 minutes after)

Associated Press

Tweet: N/A (No tweets were sent from either @AP or @AP_Politics)

Story: 12:23 (27 minutes after)

Press Contact:


About TKNN: TKNN is the Internet’s premier source for political news. TKNN was an Internet pioneer in regards to video news and continues to offer live programming through TKNN Live with shows such as Political Jungle and Worldwide Wire.


About Tyler

Tyler is the chief media reporter for TKNN, with the news organization since its founding in November of 2010. He has previously served as chief political reporter and chief political anchor for TKNN.

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