The Situation Room

CNN Brings Weekday Anchors to Saturday for Newsy Day

Viewers tuning to CNN on Saturday might have been surprised to find Wolf Blitzer and his Situation Room inhabiting its usual weekday timeslot. It was indeed Saturday and not the early 2000s when The Situation Room regularly ran six days a week. Instead, CNN brought several of its weekday personalities […]

New Yorker Fires Ryan Lizza Over Sexual Misconduct

The New Yorker fired Washington correspondent Ryan Lizza on Monday after allegations of sexual misconduct were leveled at him. The accuser is currently remaining private. Lizza has denied any wrongdoing. The New Yorker said in a statement, “The New Yorker recently learned that Ryan Lizza engaged in what we believe was […]

CNN Digital Seeks to Capitalize on Television Personalities

Video has been a large part of CNN Politics Digital’s DNA. Series like Hambycast, Being Moody, and MeaveWest have utilized some of the many CNN Politics Digital reporters. Now with the upcoming Republican presidential debate on December 15, CNN Politics Digital made a short video featuring debate moderator Wolf Blitzer. […]