Department of Justice

DOJ Suing Time Warner/AT&T in Attempt to Block Merger

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on Monday to stop Time Warner and AT&T from merging, as the Department of Justice believes the merger will significantly lower competition in the marketplace and increase prices for millions of American citizens. AT&T is currently recognized as the largest telecommunications company based […]

Department of Justice Reportedly Weighing Forcing AT&T-Time Warner Action

Several reports broke today that the Department of Justice is weighing forcing AT&T to spin off CNN (either alone or as part of the greater Turner Broadcasting subsidiary)¬†in order to move ahead with its acquisition of Time Warner. It has also been reported that the Department of Justice gave the […]

New Documents Show Evidence of FIFA Corruption

New documents have shown evidence of Jack Warner accepting bribes. The documents show Warner used money meant for the Caribbean diaspora legacy program for payment of cash withdrawals, personal loans and to launder money. Warner, 72, is the former vice president of FIFA. The FBI has indicted Warner for corruption,¬†although […]