President Trump Affirms One China Policy

After a contentious start to their relationship, Presidents Donald Trump of the United States and Xi Jinping spoke Thursday night, the first time during Trump’s administration. At Xi’s request, Trump reaffirmed the United States’s commitment to the “One China” policy. The “One China” policy recognizes Taiwan as part of the […]

Japan Votes to Increase Military Capabilities, Move Away from Pacifism

Japan’s parliament has voted to redefine its constitution and shift away from pacifist policies that have defined its military policy for the past seventh years. Japan’s post-World War II Constitution cracked down on the military and engagement overseas. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces had been restricted to humanitarian uses. However, they […]

Reuters Down in China

 The Reuters news website is down in China. shows the English version and the Chinese language version of Reuters were blocked in China. Among the news organization websites blocked in China are Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal. The Chinese government often blocks news websites in response to […]