Tonight, The White House Correspondents Dinner


Tonight, actor and comedian Joel McHale will headline the White House Correspondents Dinner. The annual events will feature comedy routines from McHale and President Obama, in addition to award and scholarship presentations. Celebrities began arriving shortly before 6 and the main festivities will begin around 8. Live streaming of the entire event will be available at and at the bottom of this post.

The event has gained controversy over the years due to the nature of politicians and journalists intermingling. It has also gained controversy due to the celebrities involved. Tom Brokaw no longer attends the event due to Lindsay Lohan’s attendance a few years ago. The New York Times also has a policy against attending the event and Mark Lebovich, author of This Town, has also criticized the event. Lebovich has also criticized the nickname of “Nerd Prom” because he says nerds aren’t as self-loving.

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