TKNN Reports for January 12, 2012

Hello, and welcome to the TKNN Reports for January 12, 2012 Today, we will be looking at the gold coin, that the White House is now putting down.

We begin with the trillion dollar coin. The White House has announced they will not mint the coin in order to avoid a debt-ceiling fight. What was once a viral idea on the Internet, then became a viable solution even floated by Paul Krugman. Opponents say that the coin skips out Congress, and would be wildly inflationary. However, the bills have been passed by Congress. So, it is Congress’s obligation to pay the bills. Proponents of the measure say that it would not affect inflation at all because all it would do is deposit into the Treasury.

For succession, the White House said “Our States Remain United.” Then went on to talk about the Civil War, the 2012 election, and the how the Administration is trying to have people engage with them. The response addresses nine petitions, including the infamous Texas succession petition. A petition asking for the citizenship to be revoked for people who signed a succession petition was also addressed as part of the response.

The Death Star was also addressed. A petition was started asking for construction to be starting on the United States’s very own Death Star. However, the White House has said no in a post titled, “This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For.” The White House was able to narrow their reasoning down to three points.

  • The construction of the Death Star would massively increase the deficit.
  • They don’t want to blow up planets.
  • The Death Star can be easily blown up.

While signers may not be happy about the response, people online seem giddy with geekiness. It probably does not help when they reference the Force a few times.

Well, thank you for joining TKNN Reports, please join us again next week.

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