Political Jungle for August 10, 2012

Hello, I’m Tyler and welcome to Political Jungle.

Now, tonight, we begin with the veepstakes, as we have a new tip from a leading contender, Sen. Rob Portman said he will most likely stay in the Senate. That’s either saying he won’t be the running mate, or he’s denying it. He and former Governor Tim Pawlenty are the most frequently mentioned Romney running mates. Many also say Mitt Romney will make his running mate announcement when he goes on his four state bus trip next week. There was also a poll recently released by CNN, Sen. Marco Rubio was listed as the most wanted running mate. He was followed by Governor Chris Christie, and Rep. Paul Ryan.

Also revealed by CNN, was a national poll where President Obama is beating Mitt Romney by seven percentage points. Also recently released was a FOX News poll, where President Obama is winning by nine percentage points.
When we come back, something new is in store for you.

Now, tonight I introduce you to Through The Looking Glass, a spin-off of Head Scratcher. Now as with most spin-offs you don’t find out about them until the network tells you. That is unless you spend your days reading Wikipedia like a tabloid magazine. Don’t judge. Now huge news, I have for you. Snack size is now saying their pudding has the same amount of calcium as eight ounces of milk. Which means, America we can eat pudding without feeling bad. Take that milk. We don’t ”got milk”, we’ve got pudding! You know the Olympics are almost over. The one thing that unites America, you know all the pundits like to say America is bitterly divided. We’re so divided, we don’t even refer to ourselves as the United States of America, we’re just America. But the Olympics are on, which mean the United States of America are truly united! Thank you and good night.

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