Twenty Twelve for September 16, 2012

Hello, and welcome to the Twenty Twelve for September 16, 2012.

On Thursday, September 13, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court began hearings on the state voter ID law. The law requires voters to show photo identification in order to vote. The ID must have an expiration date in order to be eligible. Since the law was in court, there were many protests all over the state. Many were organized by the group

The newest poll from the Massachusetts Senate race, shows Elizabeth Warren six points ahead of incumbent Sen. Scott Brown. Many say this is because of momentum coming out of the Democratic National Convention, where Elizabeth Warren spoke before former President Bill Clinton. This is the widest lead for any side since March.

President Obama’s approval rating is back up to 50% according to Gallup. The President’s approval rating had been at or above 50% since the Democratic National Convention.

Well, thank you for joining us on Twenty Twelve, please join us again next week.

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