Kellyanne Conway Pledges Monthly POTUS Appearances On Fox & Friends

On Thursday, President Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends for a free-wheeling interview that was reminiscent of his old weekly Monday Mornings with Trump segments on the morning program. On Friday, counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway appeared on the show and said that the President would like to make monthly appearances on the program “and as news breaks.”

“The President wanted to do that,” Conway said. “The President had a great time bringing his case directly to the American people as he does on social media and these bilateral Q&A’s, certainly at the South Lawn and in the press pool sprays and with other interviews and the President has said that he would like to perhaps come once a month and as news breaks.”

“He’ll keep us guessing.”

During the presidential nomination campaign, Trump would frequently call into cable news programs for interviews which regularly made news. His interview from Thursday quickly had a legal impact as prosecutors with the Southern District of New York used his statement in a filing to argue that few of Michael Cohen’s seized documents fall under attorney-client privilege.

Perhaps no cable news program is more associated with President Trump than Fox & Friends. His Twitter feed can oftentimes be tied to the show’s programming and he has tweeted at the show several times. The program’s Twitter account is also one of forty-six that the President follows.

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