Chicago Announced as Home of Obama Foundation

 The Obama Foundation has announced that the Obama Presidential Center will be located in Chicago. The location was announced this morning with an email to supporters and a video posted on the website.

The University of Chicago had the winning bid. It was actually one of two Chicago-based areas to have a finalist bid. The University of Illinois at Chicago had also placed a bid.

Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has been very vocal in his desire to bring the center to Chicago. At one point, Emanuel talked about his wanting as “committed to moving heaven and earth.” Emanuel had been the first Chief of Staff in the Obama Administration before leaving to run for mayor.

Chicago is where Michelle Obama grew up and where the family lived before moving into the White House. President Obama moved there after graduating college, where he got his start in community activism and civic engagement.

Columbia University, President Obama’s alma mater, and the University of Hawaii had also placed bids to be the location.


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