Loretta Lynch Confirmed in Committee

Loretta Lynch has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on her way to becoming the attorney general. She was approved by the committee on a 12-8 vote. All Democrats voted for her, in addition to three Republicans. Her next step will be to approved by the full Senate. The vote will most likely take place in the next one to two weeks.

Lynch would succeed Eric Holder, who announced his resignation in December. Holder will leave office if and when the Senate approves Lynch as the next Attorney General.
Previously, Lynch was the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

“I supported advancing Loretta Lynch’s nomination to the floor today because her record of service over several decades shows that she is well qualified to be Attorney General,” Senator Orrin G. Hatch said. “There is good reason to believe that Ms. Lynch will be more independent than the current attorney general and make strides toward recommitting the department to the rule of law.”
Hatch was one of three Republicans who voted yea on Lynch’s appointment.

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