White House Announces First Lady’s Guests

Per tradition, First Lady Michelle Obama has invited a group of individuals to sit in her box during tomorrow night’s State of the Union address. The invitees are typically a mix of recent current events heroes and ordinary Americans who exemplify a piece of the President’s agenda. One of the invitees, Malik Bryant, was recently in the news for his letter to the President where he wrote about the threat of violence and said, “I just wanna be safe.” Chelsey Davis connects to the President’s recent proposal of free two years of community college. Victor Fugate is a health care worker who was helped by the President’s Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Staff Sergeant Jason Gibson lost his legs overseas fighting in the military. His injuries were grave enough that he could not use prosthetics. However, he has continued to press forward, sometimes with a wheelchair. His activities include plane piloting, surfed, and racing in four marathons. Gibson and his wife had met the President in 2012 at Walter Reed Hospital and did not recognize his guest.

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