Dan Pfeiffer Helped by Wolf Blitzer’s “Dulcet Tones”

fourth estateTop White House aide and advisor Dan Pfeiffer was hospitalized earlier this month for stroke-like symptoms. Pfeiffer fell ill during dinner on September 4, and checked into George Washington Hospital. After checking out, he went back days later. Doctors blamed hypertension for the symptoms. According to the New York Times’s reporting, he was not diagnosed with high blood pressure although it does run in the family. Pfeiffer is back working full time according to the White House.

As many people in the hospital will say, television helps pass the time. Apparently, Pfeiffer is no different, although his viewing habits may be. “Whenever I get stressed out, I just turn on CNN so I can listen to the dulcet tones of Wolf Blitzer,” said the longtime Obama advisor. Coincidentally, Pfeiffer made the remarks on CNN’s The Situation Room, which Blitzer hosts.

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