Sally Jewell Confirmed by Senate as Interior Secretary

white houseSally Jewell was confirmed by the Senate to be the nation’s next Secretary of the Interior, replacing Sec. Ken Salazar. Jewell was the CEO of the outdoor equipment company Recreational Equipment, Inc. She was approved by the Senate in a 87-11 vote, with the eleven dissenting votes coming from Republicans. Minority Leader McConnell and Senator Rubio were among the “nay” votes. President Obama’s released the following statement on the confirmation:

I am pleased that today the Senate took bipartisan action to confirm Sally Jewell as our next Secretary of the Interior. With her extensive business experience, including her background in the energy sector, along with her lifelong commitment to conservation, Sally is the right person for this important job. She brings an important mix of strong management skills, appreciation for our nation’s tradition of protecting our public lands and heritage, and a keen understanding of what it means to be good stewards of our natural resources.

Sally’s commitment to energy and climate issues, her belief in our strong government-to-government relationship with Indian Country, and her understanding of the inherent link between conservation and good jobs ensure that she will be an exceptional Secretary of the Interior. I am very glad she is joining my team, and I look forward to her counsel on these important issues, as we continue to leverage our natural resources responsibly while protecting our nation’s treasures for generations to come.


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