White House Quadruples ‘We the People’ Threshold


In an attempt to avoid responding to ridiculous petitions, the White House has raised the threshold for petition responses to 100,000 signatures. This is not the first time the White House has raised the threshold. the original threshold for petitions was 5,000 signatures. The White House that is “a good problem to have.” Now, the White House has announced some interesting statistics about the petition site. Most petitions that crossed the threshold did so in less than five days. Over the last two months, the site has provided humorous headlines on slow news days, with petitions that discussed the Death Star, the deportation of Piers Morgan, and the succession of states. If the threshold was out in place earlier, it would have avoided responses to petitions, such as the one regarding the construction of the Death Star. The new threshold takes effect immediately, although it does not effect existing petitions.

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