Obama Volunteers Spring Back into Action

20121212-215344.jpgEditor’s note: This is the first in a series called ‘After 2012’ which looks at what the campaigns are doing now that their primary mission has finished.After the election ended, the emails from the Obama campaign seemed to end too. Unlike the 2008 election, which had a constant source of emails pertaining to the new Administration, this election meant nothing new. Aside from the occasional email about the survey done by the campaign, there was nothing. Until recently, as the campaign has been reactivated to fight for the tax cuts. The campaign must be shut down by law, emailing supporters is unclear in the law. Email addresses from 2008 were transferred to Organizing for America, a project by the DNC. That allowed the campaign to legally email supporters. Now, they are emailing them through debt reliving. Campaigns must retire debt, and the donate button on emails allows the campaign to say they are part of reliving the debt. However, included in those emails are calls to action. Several emails have asked for volunteers to call their Representatives. Today, National
Call Team Members got an email alerting them to a training this Thursday and/or Friday. This is all legal. In the earlier mentioned survey, most respondents said they wanted to use the campaign infrastructure to fight for President Obama’s agenda. Now, they plan on doing just that.

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