Thirty-one Days Remain Until Fiscal Cliff Falling

There are only thirty-one days remaining until the fiscal cliff strikes, and the House and President Obama do not yet have a deal. Speaker Boehner is saying that no real progress has been made. The big argument is over taxes and welfare reform. Republicans say they have taken enough risk by just going for more revenue, and Democrats must compromise on welfare. However, Democrats claim they have a mandate from “We the People” to raise taxes on the top two percent. Negotiations will be continuing until the holiday break, and if there is no deal then President Obama can call Congress back. Experts say that if there is no deal by a week before the break, then negotiations will switch to a short-term deal until after the break, and even after the new Congress. The new House of Representatives is still Republican-controlled, but has a few less Tea Party members that may make any compromise by the two parties a lot more difficult. Whether or not it is cliff-pushing difficult remains to be seen.

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