CNN Announces Libertarian Town Hall

road to the white house 2016Even though the primary season is officially over, CNN is not done with their town halls. CNN has announced a town hall with the Libertarian Party presidential and vice presidential nominees, former Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

The town hall will take place in CNN’s New York studios on June 22nd at 9 PM ET. Chris Cuomo will moderate the town hall and this is not his first town hall. It is CNN’s eleventh town hall of the election cycle.

The move comes as Johnson has said that one of his highest priorities is to increase media publicity for the Libertarian Party and get himself included in the presidential debates. After he won the party’s nomination, he had a series of interviews in New York and he has been successful in getting himself included in presidential polling. Polling puts him around 10% nationally, but he needs to hit 15% in at least five national polls in order to qualify for the debate.

CNN’s town halls have brought in millions of viewers and this will give Johnson and Weld one of their biggest platforms to appeal to Americans.

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