CNN International Announces 2016 Election Program

Courtesy CNN

Courtesy CNN

CNN International has announced State of the Race, a new daily program that will focus on the 2016 United States presidential election. The program will be anchored by Kate Bolduan, the host of @ThisHour and the former co-host of New Day and The Situation Room, and air at 2:30 PM ET/8:30 PM CET.

Bolduan also worked as a congressional correspondent for CNN before joining The Situation Room.

State of the Race joins the weekly Political Mann as CNN International’s dedicated election coverage. CNNI also simulcasts some of CNN’s programs, like the politics-centric Wolf, which feature heavy election coverage.

The half-hour program begins May 16 and will air out of CNN’s New York bureau.

“Around the world everyone is talking about this U.S. election.  As we get into the decisive campaign stages and open up key election battlegrounds, State of the Race will bring an insiders’ view from one of CNN’s most skilled political journalists. We’ll be delivering international audiences all they need to fully understand this vitally important story with intelligence, passion and a little humor, too,” said Tony Maddow, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of CNNI.

Bolduan said in a statement, “This has already been a race like no other, and it is clear there is a lot more to come. Every night we’re going to bring our international audiences along for the ride – offering the very latest developments from the campaign trail and giving them the inside scoop of what is really going on within the campaigns and in the minds of American voters.”

CNN says that “She will be joined by a roster of experts from around the country to analyze, debate and decipher the key issues.”

The announcement comes as CNN released a study conducted by Toluna across 23 countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia that finds that 73% of those surveyed are interested in election news. In addition, 51% globally name CNN International as their main news provider for the US election.

Rani Raad, the President of CNN International Commerical, said of the survey, “This research shows the unprecedented interest in this year’s US Election – it has global reach and a mix of policy debates that have the potential to affect the world at large. In a world where consumers have more access to news and information than ever before, CNN continues to lead the way as the world’s news leader and the trusted source that audiences turn to more than anyone else. This study builds on CNN’s record-breaking ratings and traffic in the US and is the type of insight that shows us the level of demand there is for coverage of this race.”

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