Donald Trump Sweeps Acela Primary

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[UPDATE]: Hillary Clinton has won the Connecticut primary. Original story follows:

Five more states voted on Tuesday night for the Republican and Democratic presidential nomination. On the Republican side, Donald Trump swept all five states.

The result on the Republican side was not surprising as the question was not how whether Trump would win, but by how much. Initial estimates show Trump also winning a large number, over 100, of delegates while Governor John Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz, respectively, lag far behind in single digits. Trump also strengthened his grip on the delegate lead and made a contested convention slightly less likely, but still a significant possibility.

Trump is now roughly three-fourths of the way to the Republican nomination. Trump felt comfortable enough saying Thursday night to say he was the presumptive nominee. “I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely,” he said.

The “presumptive nominee” term is typically used to designate a person who has gotten enough delegates to win the nomination, but has not been formally nominated yet.

In the race for second, Kasich beat Cruz in every state except for Pennsylvania.

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won three states while Senator Bernie Sanders won one. Conneticut was too close to call at the time of publication with Clinton moving into a narrow lead.

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