Bernie Sanders Releases 2014 Tax Returns 1

As promised, Senator Bernie Sanders released his 2014 tax returns on Friday. Sanders had pledged during his debate on Thursday with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to release his 2014 returns the next day.

The tax form shows Sanders and his wife, Jane, made $205,517 in total income. Sanders makes $174,000 as a US Senator. He and his wife also receive Social Security benefits.

Bernie and Jane also checked the box to comtribute money to the public financing system for presidential campaigns. Sanders has proposed public financing of campaigns.

Sanders owed $27,653 in federal taxes and recieved a $4,172 return.

Sanders said that the reason it took so long for him to release his returns is that Jane does their taxes and the two have been busy campaigning.

The two reported $8,350 in charitable donations.

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