Clinton Campaign Agrees to New York Debate in Theory

road to the white houseThe Clinton campaign has agreed to a debate in New York, a day after it said that there would be no further debates unless Senator Bernie Sanders “goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on.”

Speaking on Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect, spokesman Brian Fallon said, that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is “perfectly willing” to debate the Vermont Senator in her home state.

“If they can find a mutually agreeable date in the next couple of weeks before New York, I think it could happen,” Fallon told hosts John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

Fallon also proposed a debate in Pennsylvania where Fallon says “the Sanders campaign will also need to do well if they’re going to seriously vie for the nomination.” Pennsylvania votes on April 26 and polling has shown Clinton with a strong lead. Clinton has strong ties to the state where her father was born and her family vacationed as a child. In 2008, Clinton defeated then-Senator Barack Obama 55% to 45%. In that primary, Clinton won the gun owner vote 60% to 40%.

Sanders has proposed a debate in Brooklyn, where he grew up as a child and where the Clinton campaign is headquartered. On Sunday, he said that the location could be “New York City, upstate, wherever.”

On CNN, Sanders responded to the development by saying, “Let’s do it.”

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