Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Win Primaries

imageSaturday night was a successful night for each party’s respective frontrunner. Democrats caucused in Nevada while Republicans held their South Carolina primary. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each won their respective primaries. Each primary was called for the winner early on. The Republican side did have a tight race for second place though.

Polling indicated that the Democratic race although latest polling showed a possible Sanders lead. However, Clinton won with roughly a five percentage point lead. Sanders did have a good night with the Latino vote though, showing that the Vermont senator could have success with minority voters.

The attention then turned to the South Carolina primary, especially as results came in afterwards. Donald Trump won with 33% of the vote. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz traded the second place position throughout the night, but with 99% of the vote in, Rubio maintained second. Governors Jeb Bush and John Kasich traded fourth throughout the night as well. However, Kasich did not place a high emphasis on the state. Bush, on the other hand, poured money into the state and crossed the state with his family.

The Republican nomination is now effectively down to four candidates. Kasich and Rubio are still competing for the establishment lane and polling has shown Bush voters will be split between the two. Kasich and Rubio have now both placed at second while also placing fifth place. The competition between the two may not be settled soon as the maplooks favorable for both. Rubio’s home state of Florida is coming up, in addition to a slew of Midwest states that will play to Kasich’s strengths.

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