Brian Williams Co-Anchoring Iowa Caucus Coverage on MSNBC

williams backBrian Williams’s rehabilitation is continuing on MSNBC as Williams prepares to co-anchor coverage of the Iowa caucus on MSNBC, where he now appears as breaking news and special events anchor. Williams will co-anchor the coverage with Rachel Maddow in New York. There will also be an MSNBC team in Iowa with Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, and NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd.

There will be a double dose of Morning Joe on February 1 as the roundtable program will air live from Des Moines in its regular timeslot and then air again in the afternoon.

Lawrence O’Donnell, Nicolle Wallace, and the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson will join the Decision Desk in New York. Steve Kornacki will be reporting and tracking caucus results throughout the night. In Iowa, Chris Jansing, Katie Hunt, Hallie Jackson, Katy Tur, Kristen Welker, and Chris Hayes will report from around the Hawkeye State.

Williams’s appearances on the cable news network have been closely watched since he was demoted in June. Williams was moved off of NBC Nightly News after it surfaced that Williams had fabricated several stories and/or stretched the truth.

This will be one of the highest profile appearances for Williams. It is one of the few times that Williams anchoring has been planned and also one of the longest. Caucus and primary coverage typically deliver higher ratings for the cable news network and this could be crucial for Williams as he works to rebuild the public’s trust.

On NBC, Williams’s successor, Lester Holt, will anchor a special NBC Nightly News and bulletins throughout the night live from Iowa.

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