Fox Business Adds Republican Debate

The State of the Union will be one of the last major opportunities for President Obama to seize the national conversation. However, that opportunity may be short-lived because Fox Business Network has announced a Republican debate for January 14, two days after the State of the Union address.

Fox Business, a smaller sister network of Fox News, previously moderated a debate and won high praise and ratings. Fox Business’s competitor, CNBC, was widely criticized for its debate which led to the RNC pulling out of a debate with NBC.

The debate will be held in South Carolina, however other details are unknown.

Fox Business may not be the only one getting an additional debate. Matt Drudge tweeted on Tuesday that his sources are saying CNN may get a debate for January 5. That would lead to back-to-back debates for CNN. However, Sean Spicer, communications director for the RNC, tweeted that that was false.

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