Lawrence Lessig Changes Presidential Plans


Courtesy Lessig Campaign

Professor Lawrence Lessig, who recently announced a reform-focused presidential run, has said that he will serve a full term as President if elected. Previously, Lessig had pledged to resign the Presidncy after getting his reform package passed into law.

Lessig made his announcement in a piece for The Atlantic.

Professor Lessig said that he had polled the two main elements of his campaign, the reform and the resignation promise, and found that there was support for the reform. However, he says that no one supported the idea of him resigning the Presidency. Lessig argues that his resignation promise caused confusion about his run and led to his campaign being discounted.

“But beyond that priority, I would do everything else a president must do, too. Which means I bear the burden in this campaign of convincing America I could do that well. Like every other candidate, I will outline my position on the policies that I would press, once reform is achieved. In every relevant way, my campaign will be like every other campaign—except mine will place democracy first,” Lessig wrote.

Since the article’s publication, Lessig has published policy papers on issues ranging from the economy to the surveillance and the Internet. The papers have been published on Medium so that people can comment on the proposals and ask questions.

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