Rick Perry Drops Out of Presidential Race

Former Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) announced today that he is suspending his presidential bid. While suspending does legally give him the option of jumping back in, he has effectively dropped out.

Perry is the first candidate on either side to drop out.

Perry has been plagued by financial problems for a period of time. In the lead-up to Fox News’s Republican debate, Gov. John Kasich’s (OH) rise led to Perry being demoted to the junior varsity debate. Shortly after, Perry’s campaign revealed financial difficulties and Perry’s numbers sunk. For a period of time, his staffers were working as volunteers, however the campaign began paying a staffer in two states in order to qualify for CNN’s debate.

CNN announced yesterday that Perry would again qualify for the JV debate.

Perry was expected to do better in his second presidential run. When he first ran in 2012, Perry jumped in as the frontrunner before declining in the polls. His campaign was also marked by an infamous debate moment where he forgot the third government agency he would close. After a disappointing finish in Iowa, Perry dropped out.

Afterwards, Perry worked to rehabilitate his image. He studied policy more intensely and gave a series of policy speeches. Many saw his addition of glasses as the symbolization of Perry 2.0.

Perry’s super PAC, which has 10-12 million dollars, will refund donors.

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